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Combat weapons mastery - Kobudo

The weapons training offered by Champion Eyes in Oceanside is a fully immersive training that traces its root back to ancient China.

KOBUDO means “The Way of the Ancient Warrior.” 

The art we teach stretches from Oceanside to other parts of the world. It may seem intimidating, but the weapons instructors at Champion Eyes have the experience to turn any student into a master of ancient Chinese weaponry. 

We train Kobudo weapons mastery in Oceanside and abroad. 

The okinawan weapons system

Kobudo origins

The martial arts training also known as the system of Kobudo has been handed down from the late Shinpo Matayoshi-Sensei who was considered the highest authority on Okinawan weapons in the world.

Kobudo legacy

The legendary father and son duo created the Matayoshi Kobudo system. They were committed to leaving a great legacy. Matayoshi Shinko, Sensei and Matayoshi Shinko, Sensei, his son, influenced several schools.

into Champion eyes

Hanshi Yamashita was a direct student of Shinpo Matayoshi, Sensei. in 2001 Yamashita, Sensei formed the Yamashita Matayoshi Kobudo organization. Armando Anselmo, Sensei is a direct student of Yamashita, Sensei.

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