Champions Eyes


Kid's Martial Arts

This program is designed to teach our kids respect, discipline, confidence, excellence all the while having fun. After re-opening from the Pandemic many parents see the benefits of having their children participate in our program.

Teens & Adults Martial Arts

Champion Eyes instructors hold nothing back when it comes to students’ training. The transformation that our students experience is indicative of our top martial arts program for teenagers and adults. 

Private One-On-One Training

Champion Eyes offers customized private karate lessons locally in Oceanside, and in various parts of the world. This is a personalized one-on-one martial arts training that will allow you to move at your own pace.  

Weapons Training - Kobudo

The weapons training offered by Champion Eyes in Oceanside is a fully immersive training that traces its root back to ancient China.

KOBUDO means “The Way of the Ancient Warrior.”