Student of the Month!

Student of the Month!

What makes a champion? 

Is a champion someone who uses an event for self-glory? 

Is a champion someone who utilizes athletic performance to gain attention?

I believe a champion is someone who trains not only their body but their mind in order to better themselves altogether – that a champion is a combination taught and self-made. A champion takes ownership of themselves, their challenges, and their situation – that attitude and internal drive make someone successful at becoming a champion. Moreover, that a champion is humble and respectful.

Today I’d like to recognize a champion - Cooper, our student of the month. Cooper is a 4 year old little boy who has been training with Champion Eyes for the past four months and has achieved his white/yellow belt. He has, in a way, set a new standard for many of the children in the same age and skill group.

Cooper believes that nothing is too hard for him, and that focus, practice, and effort help him overcome anything. We are grateful that Cooper and his family are with us, and we look forward to seeing him overcome the inevitable challenges that life throws his way. When we asked Cooper why he was being so strong in class, he responded, "Because I want to be student of the month, sir!" And he is because he wanted it enough to work for it.

We are proud of you Cooper and congratulations on being our student of the month.

-Champion Eyes Family

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